"Terrorism is a significant threat to peace and security, prosperity and people."

~ Ban Ki-moon
BLACKOPS Cyber - All Eyes on the Data

All Eyes on the Data

In the oft murky world of underground markets, underground cybercriminal threat actor’s anonymity is the key to avoiding detection. The ongoing challenge for commercial entities & law enforcement departments globally, is to quickly uncloak the identities of these threat actors involved in documented malicious activities. BLACKOPS Cyber is very pleased to have developed our premiere “ERINYES” system, an intuitive security information event management (SIEM) system with aggregated threat feeds updated in real-time that identifies product offering details & posted threads on restricted access markets to include vendor ranking & profiles.

ERINYES is a central warehouse of information relating to malicious actors’ activities. ERINYES catalogs their means of communication & marketing platforms in real-time to provide you with an ongoing snapshot of your target. ERINYES accumulates computer based crime elements such as malware, exploit kits, DDoS botnets & APT markets. Additionally, ERINYES indexes counterfeit merchandises as well as the stolen data markets for pirated goods, stolen credit/financial information & personal information associated with identity theft. ERINYES dives even deeper to track extremist propaganda to assist you in limiting its reach while tracking their movements.

As the world’s largest database of threat actors, including all known aliases & legends, ERINYES provides a profile of identities & backgrounds of actors or cyber enterprises by identifying key attributes such as nicknames, IP addresses, email addresses, mobile numbers, social media profiles in addition to real life records for your target internationally. ERINYES, exponentially increases the opportunity for capture & prosecution of any threat actor. BLACKOPS Cyber is the only commercial cyber security company that can attribute our tradecraft & technology to the successful tracking, capture, prosecution, & subsequent conviction of threat actors.


BLACKOPS Cyber provides 24/7 Technical Support to both our enterprise* & government solutions.


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* BLACKOPS Cyber offers enterprise clients Motive, Intent, Capabilities breakdowns while restricting Real Life Identity to our government clients.