"Terrorism is a significant threat to peace and security, prosperity and people."

~ Ban Ki-moon
BLACKOPS Cyber - Learn Our Tradecraft

Learn Our Tradecraft

BLACKOPS Cyber offers CyberHUMINT™ Training in which our experts come to you, on location, leveraging our combined experience to impart our finely-honed skills & for your teams’ own benefit. We spend a week working directly with your team in a small, group setting to ensure that everyone maximizes their potential.


With our exceptional CyberHUMINT™ training program you will receive:

  • Onsite training globally
  • 3 Instructors
  • 30 Hour Workshop over 5 days
  • Training by former CIA personnel, senior executives & HUMINT™ experts

Please contact us immediately to schedule your CyberHUMINT™ training.