"Terrorism is a significant threat to peace and security, prosperity and people."

~ Ban Ki-moon
BLACKOPS Cyber - Customized Engagements

Customized Engagements

BLACKOPS Cyber has built a team of penetration testers with diverse backgrounds in information security, information technology, networking, systems administration & development. We have the capability & expertise to provide our clients with an extensive variety of skills ranging from vulnerability scanning & validation to advanced RedTeam engagements modeling malicious insider threats. Our team is unremittingly enhancing & refining their mastery of exploitation methods to better serve our clients’ needs in the ever-changing security environment.

BLACKOPS Cyber specialists excel in reconnaissance & information harvesting. Our experts employ the CyberHUMINT™ tradecraft coalesced with open sourced intelligence (OSINT) techniques; allowing them to perform realistic social engineering attacks through virtual assault simulations such as phishing & vishing as well as physical security evaluations. Our insider analysis structure blankets the target with sophisticated & concentrated social engineering campaigns to gain physical access to a variety of locations.

BLACKOPS Cyber employs the use of specialized offensive & defensive software that our team developed to provide our clients with an authentic attack scenarios in addition to the capability to defend against network intrusions, content management framework manipulation & remote exploitation of systems, employees & software. Our penetration team is able to test your DDoS mitigation through sustained, targeted attack simulations & strengthen your malware filters by creating custom variants. Further, our team has developed dedicated proprietary software that we make available to our clients. By employing a hybrid virtual & physical assessments we show our clients where they need to strengthen their defenses.


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