"Terrorism is a significant threat to peace and security, prosperity and people."

~ Ban Ki-moon
BLACKOPS Cyber - Are you prepared?

Are you prepared?

Friday 3rd of February 2017

In 2016 OVH and Dyn were struck with DDoS attacks at over 1 TBps. It is estimated that DDoS attacks multiply by 125%. The threat swells exponentially due to the persistent deficiency of security applications found in IoT devices as well as other easily exploitable systems & devices. If your threat model does not account for an impending DDoS then an important vector is excluded that could cost, into the billions. If you have incorporated a plan but have not verified your methodology, then you could be left in the dark. BLACKOPS Cyber has developed the proprietary system, Gravity, allowing you to stress test your network in front of the situation arising; providing you with ample time to establish mitigating measures that will withstand the strongest attacks.

With no database attached and encapsulated logins, it is impossible for more than one instance of Gravity to become corrupted. Gravity utilizes a node network for an amplified attack that can be originated from a solitary location yet appear & act as though it is emanating from thousands of individual points to realistically simulate a sustained and virtually untraceable botnet attack. The only trace of Gravity is the bandwidth going out from the workstation by the service provider which can be countered by using only providers offering unmetered services. Gravity utilizes emerging technologies to be undemanding on your resources, with operational testing exhibiting a mere .5 MB RAM consumption to spawn a 4GB flood from a solitary local workstation and a remote target demonstrating upwards of 60% CPU exhaustion & approximately 800mb to 1 GB of RAM consumed with a single-instance. Up to 300 instances of Gravity can be combined on a single workstation to further magnify your attack on the target system. In its current state, Gravity can run on any Windows based system with cross-platform development underway and functions with 100% guaranteed uptime. Our development team is relentlessly working to fine-tune Gravity to enhance the overall performance.


Enterprise solution

BLACKOPS Cyber is proud to extend to our enterprise clients the opportunity to integrate a Gravity attack into their custom penetration tests. This can be a stand-alone service or merged with one of our testing packages. A sanctioned test will be initiated per your timetable to allow for an ample preparation phase for your IT department to organize their mitigation implementation during the simulation. Although we offer a multi-instance assault, BLACKOPS Cyber recommends that you commence your Gravity simulation by employing a single-instance assessment. Only after you are capable of successfully mitigating the single-instance simulation should you begin to multiply your test instances. Please reach out to us immediately to coordinate your personally tailored Gravity implementation.


Government Solution

Rather than being restricted to a solitary assessment or instance, we recognize that our government clients will require a considerably stronger attack mechanism to safeguard our nations’ infrastructures. As government facilities operate under stringent protocols and schedules, BLACKOPS Cyber extends to our government clients the ability to purchase our proprietary software, Gravity. In addition to the mitigation cognizance offered via Gravity, BOC has made available the opportunity to easily stop state sponsored cyber-attacks dead in their tracks by allowing our nation to disable the threat at the source to prevent sustained damage. Please contact us directly to examine your enhanced Gravity applications.